Unless fees are to be settled directly by an insurance provider, payment is required via card or bank transfer only at or before the appointment – apologies, cash and cheques are no longer accepted. (The right to revise the fees quoted is hereby reserved).

SELF-FUNDED FEES:  Monday to Friday (Weekends)

Clinic Appointments

Initial assessment: 

Up to 45 to 60 mins.                     £70.00 (£80,00)


Up to 30 mins.                                £48.00 (£55.00)

Up to 45 mins.                                 £55.00 (£65.00)

Home Visit                      

 Up to 45 mins.                                £75.00 (£85.00) 

– fee allows for up to 10 minutes travel time – greater distances may therefore result in a higher fee.

 Remote Telephone or Video Call Appointments:          

Up to 30 mins.                                  £35.00                                                                                                                    Up to 45 mins.                                  £40.00                                                                                                                                                      


Discounts are  available periodically for block bookings (details upon request), for which payment is taken in advance. In the event that not all sessions are required, any refund due will be calculated on the basis of those appointments which have been used being charged at the normal standard rates as specified above.


 As agreed with insurance company. (Concessions or discounts are not available). Patients are responsible for all fees not paid by insurance company, for whatever reason.

Clinic Appointments

Initial assessment:       up to 45 mins.         

Follow-ups:                    up to 30 mins.              

FAILURE TO ATTEND/CANCELLATION/ALTERATION OF APPOINTMENTS (self-funded and insurance funded patients) 

  • less than 24 hours’ notice:        full fee payable by patient upon request.
  • 24 hours’, or more, notice:        minimum of 50% of normal fee payable by patient upon request.