Inactivity, new activities, or over-doing usual activities during the past few months of restrictions can lead to aches, pains and injuries, as can working from home in poor postures rather than at a properly arranged office workstation. These exercises will hopefully be of some assistance – they are designed as a general mobilising programme, rather than a specific treatment programme for a particular individual’s needs or dysfunctions.

Please undertake the exercises safely, holding onto to something strong and stable when standing. Work with control and within comfort , maintaining good postural alignment Рstop any exercise that causes pain or conflicts with advice from your Therapist, Doctor, or Consultant.

Try to keep mobile throughout the day and vary your activities – be careful if undertaking activities that are new or which you haven’t been doing regularly recently – build up the time and difficulty gradually over time.

If you have a particular condition or any questions regarding an exercise, just email us on or phone on 07702 871780. Good luck and keep with it!

To access the exercise programmes, click on a title below, and then click on the link that appears.

ACHIEVEPHYSIO Neck Mobilsing Exercises May 2020

ACHIEVEPHYSIO Shoulder and Upper Limb Mobilising Exercises May 2020

ACHIVEPHYSIO Back Mobilising Exercises May 2020

ACHIEVEPHYSIO Lower Limb Mobilising Exercises May 2020